Monday, August 19, 2013

Session 6 - Differentiated Instruction and overall thoughts

We looked at differentiated instruction today. We looked at the variations of lessons and how it differed: through content, process or product.

Through the differentiated instruction, we can plan for struggling students and advanced students. Using this form of instruction gives me a better idea in planning lessons. It gives me a guide, a structure to think about when planning a lesson; how to better cater to the needs of the children.

Overall, I think this module has helped me look at math from a different perspective. It has also changed how I think children should learn math: the way I was taught. Now, I believe that it is more important to equip children with the understanding of the content more than drilling children to get the answer to the content. When children have the understanding and knowledge to apply it, then they can solve any problem that they are given.

Below is a video that stresses the importance of visualization in children learning math. I think it further emphasises on what was discussed throughout all the lessons on how children learn.

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