Monday, August 19, 2013

Session 2 - Whole Numbers

This session was all on whole numbers. It also talked about adding, dividing and multiplying.

We were asked to tear a piece of paper into 9 smaller pieces and number them 1 to 9. Then we had to do multiplication with the numbers with no numbers repeated.

At first, I just mixed and matched the numbers and could not find a solution. Then, I stopped and tried to reason with myself a way to do this. I first tried to find the 2nd digit where there would not be repeated numbers.

For example, if the 2nd digit of the first number is 7, then the number that it multiplies with is 2, the 2nd digit in the answer is 4. This way, no number was repeated.

To find the first digit, I could use 1. The solution would be 17 x 2 = 34. None of the numbers were repeated.

Doing this activity made me think. Although it is trial and error to get the answer, but thinking is involved when finding a number to try out.

The video below shows different ways of solving multiplication problems which I found to be very useful as it visualises the reason behind doing multiplication the traditional way that I was taught.

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