Monday, August 19, 2013

Session 1 - Tangrams

The first lesson we had for this course was on Tangrams. We were given 7 pieces of tangrams. The problem was to make rectangles with the tangrams.

It was fun to mix and match the tangrams to make rectangles. It made me think and I used trial and error to find ways. I remember feeling excited when I found several ways but gradually got a little irritated when I could not find a way to use all 7 pieces to make a rectangle. This reminded me that it takes patience to do an activity like this. It also makes me think about what children would feel should they be posed with a problem like this.

Nonetheless, we still managed to solve the problem. There are actually many ways to solve the problem. The pictures below are just some examples among the many.

Making a rectangle with 3 pieces of tangrams:

4 pieces of tangrams:

5 pieces of tangrams:

6 pieces of tangrams: 

7 pieces of tangrams:

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