Monday, August 19, 2013

Session 5 - Angles

We did a word problem from last year's paper.

Doing this problem gave me a good chance of putting what I have learnt many years ago into good use.   After attending so many sessions of Dr Yeap's, I started questioning myself and reminding myself that every sentence in the question is a piece of information that will help me in solving the question. I was able to solve the question halfway and gave up because I thought it was a dead end. Awhile later, my classmates gave the answer and their solution was the same as mine! They managed to solve it till the end and reminded me that some of the angles were the same because of the properties of the shapes. I was still proud of myself because if I was given this question before attending all these classes, I would give up after reading the question. At least I made some improvements and managed to solve it... halfway.

Always, when we finish discussing a question that was done by primary school students, I would think, is our math that bad?

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